For businesses requiring hungry applications; FTTC otherwise Fibre to the Cabinet offers variety downstream line speed. In order to deliver broadband to homes and properties, FTTC uses existing broadband infrastructure, exchanges, streets, cabinets and copper wires. It serves as the UK’s rolling out super fast fibre optic broadband needs recurring heavy rolled network thereby increasing subscriber speed. FTTC does deliver the capacity at a download speed of up to 80 Mbps with VDSL2 technology – which can otherwise vary upon the distance from the cabinet.
Advantage of Having IT Buzz FTTC : 
  • Greater download and upload speed
  • Offer good, stable and fast internet connection
  • Broadband technology extending its tendrils over UK enabling to cross ward small and medium sized business solutions
  • When combined with WBC, provides fast, low-cost connectivity.
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